Check for play

The main issue with used excavators can be the movement. Not all used excavators have proper warranty protection, so their mechanical functions could be challenged by a number of different factors. That’s why you should be careful with how much play is exhibited in the bucket of the excavator and the wheels of the truck. Some excavators exhibit no play at all. But, even if the bucket and tires are in good condition, you still should be able to notice some excessive movement when climbing onto the bed of the truck.

Look for wear

Risks of a working excavator are often underestimated. As with any machine, there are always ways to maintain it for future longevity. The first step to making sure a used excavator is working as it should is to inspect for general wear and tear. During a standard inspection, look for loose screws, chips in the paint and rust that is concealed by the overcoat. Also check for signs of deterioration of the motor mounts, the hydraulic and chain link systems, and the generator. Although it’s unlikely that any of these areas will be completely gone, it’s always a good idea to investigate before settling on a new unit. This will also help you identify if there are any underlying mechanical issues with the unit and if repairs or replacement is needed.

Inspect the bucket

The bucket is one of the most vital pieces of equipment to consider when purchasing a used excavator. It will determine how the machine will be used, so the bucket should be as perfect as possible. Is there any rust? Does it need to be repaired? If so, how do you plan on obtaining it? Are you looking for a quick turnaround? Or do you want to take it slow and methodically make any necessary repairs?

If you still don’t know how to make a good choice on your new excavator it is probably best to consult a company like Adrighem. These professionals can give you the right advice so you won’t be buying something bad.


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