Gender bias

More and more companies find it important to reduce gender bias at the workplace. But not everyone knows how you can reduce gender bias and improve diversity and inclusion. What is gender bias actually? And how do you reduce gender bias and improve gender diversity?

Gender bias: what is it?

Gender bias starts at the recruitment process, so do you want to improve diversity and inclusion? Start changing your recruitment process! In some industries, recruiters mostly hire men. You can already expect that in these industries diversity and inclusion don’t play a big role. Gender bias is the judgment we make about features of a job and the perfect candidate for it. A recruiter might think that characteristics that are typical for engineers who work in construction are: analytical thinking and emotional toughness. Because of this thought the recruiter will probably label these qualities as typical male characteristics. And that’s a shame, because that’s where the gender bias starts. The recruiter is probably not aware of it and focuses on male candidates in the recruitment process. And that while the perfect candidate might be a woman!

Improve diversity and inclusion

You can’t only improve diversity and inclusion during the selection process, because gender bias already starts long before the selection process. When does gender bias start then? It starts in the writing process of the job description. The recruiter will probably use language that focuses on men and uses male-coded language. This can deter women and they probably won’t apply for the job. You can think of words like ‘dominant’ and ‘analyze’. With words like these you will attract mostly men. In typical male industries, diversity and inclusion needs more improvement because gender bias is stronger there. So here is a lot of gender decoding that needs to be done in the recruitment process. 

Start with changing the recruitment process

A lot of companies already work on it, but improvements are always possible. The goal of companies is often to have more women in leadership roles. So if you want to improve this, start with improving your recruitment process! If you could use some help with improving diversity and inclusion, can help you. They will help you to write the best content in an inclusive manner.

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