Planning ideal incentives and touring new places has to be the best way to create lifetime memories. If you are looking to having the escapade of your life, Croatia is the perfect destination. For both domestic and foreign tourists, Croatia is such a charming place that we all ought to explore and enjoy.

Why is Croatia Ideal?

Croatia is a small but very beautiful country that is highly ranked for having intriguing events as well as incentives. The extents between the many wonderful highlights of the country are quite close together. On this account, it makes it very easy to plan an exemplary itinerary and incentive within the country. Ever heard of incentive Croatia?

This is one of the most acclaimed incentives in Croatia. It is an event where you get to drive through the country while in a convoy of either Volkswagen beetles or Renault 4 vehicles. This is both eccentric and adventurous, right? For this experience, there need to be about 30 participants driving in these vehicles and touring various destinations within Croatia.

Tagging your friends along or your entire family is a good idea for that well-deserved getaway. This is one of the fun things that have enough room for a large group of people to do cohesively. Your safety is a priority and that is why there will always be a security escort at the front and at the back of the convoy.

In the course of such an escapade, you will come across some hamlets where you can have stopovers. You can interact with the hamlets’ inhabitants, learn their culture and enjoy some of their homemade delicacies. There is so much authenticity in these hamlets, which you will encounter as you make your way to some more highly regarded destinations.

The Dubrovnik area is one of these destinations. It is a highly visited valley since it is fruitful and has multiple wineries. Consequently, wine tasting is a popular activity here. In addition to this, Dubrovnik is an ideal location for water activities while in boats. Such activities are like fishing for fun and also scuba diving.


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