Cloud TV platform

Most companies already have an infrastructure for video delivery. The challenge is to offer the customer a good experience. Of course you don’t want to make huge investments for this. So how can you start using a cloud TV platform in a good way? We will tell you that step by step in this article.

Cloudifying step by step

The first step is to get insights in your operations and business. You need to know wat your platform needs. Which features do you want it to have? And what functions doest it need to execute the company’s marketing strategy? It’s also important to identify the key performance indicators. Why is this important? With this you’re going to measure your success and you can see wat the total cost of it is. Once you have done all of this you can go to the next task of step 1: determine how you want the workflows to be organized. The last task is that you should take inventory of impacts of technical implications. Once you have done everything off step 1, you can go to step 1.

Plan the migration of the cloud TV platform

During step 2 you’re going to decide which changes you want to make today. Decide the changes of today, tomorrow and the one’s more in the future. You need to understand that you can not do everything at the same time. Advice from an expert is crucial, especially when you’re replacing a component and that’s when Divitel can help you. After planning the migration you’re ready for step 3.

Make sure everything works

Of course you want an optinal platform. That’s why you need a good and consistent data strategy. Why do you want to optimize your platform to the maximum? Because then your people will spend less time on fixing problems and more time on customer retention, marketing and monetization initiatives.

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