Ticks, those annoying little creatures that can cause nasty consequences, such as Lyme disease. You really have to watch out for them, because you cannot see them coming. There is a solution to this problem that many people do not yet know about.

Tick-resistant clothing

Tick-resistant clothing is the solution to keep those pesky ticks at bay; this clothing takes all the danger out of the picture. The anti-tick wear ensures that the ticks do not come to your house and thus you will not be bothered by them. In forests, on meadows, in gardens and parks – ticks are everywhere. They usually stay close to the ground, but can easily get on the torso, arms and head in search of a suitable bite site. If you are going out for business or pleasure, follow our tips for tick clothing.

Think of trousers, socks, shirts, boots and jackets as protective clothing that should keep you from a nasty tick bite.

Because our clothing has been developed over many years, we can offer you professional protective clothing to prevent a tick bite. Besides the important protective factor our clothing is also:

  • Provided with an excellent fit
  • Protects up to 80+ washes
  • Available in many different models and sizes

The big danger 

The great danger lies in not seeing ticks and going outside unprotected. Ticks can be found especially in dunes, meadows, gardens, parks, moors and forests. They are often found in the grass, in bushes, between dead leaves or on a plant. Ticks do not fall from trees or plants and cannot jump. They crawl on their host (human or animal) as soon as it is nearby.

So be warned and follow all the tips from us and other people who know about it, because without tick-resistant clothing, you run the risk of a tick bite…

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